What do I mean when I say, ‘I love you’

When I say, what do I mean, love i love you ‘Is it that every time I look in your eyes, I find myself wondering how, and why, and shaking my head in unbelief that things can feel this good. Nothing remains, and yet we are here. And it may be that the truth that I had placed before was actually just about the temporary nature of things. Because seeing in your eyes, I am not afraid.

When I say so what do I mean, say i love you ‘Is the emotion in my chest beyond words? Can I sometimes not speak because I am thanking the universe silently, the way we had collided with one another, that night under the stars was silly. And how was it that before all this time we were fighting on our own paths and never knew what we were remembering? Then suddenly it seems that all our pieces come together with some unconscious, magnetic force – it is unclear, and yet it is simply. You and me and our life have intervened without our intervention as well. Nothing less than a prayer.

What do I mean when I say, ‘I love you ‘To say that,’ forever, ‘or’ infinity, ‘or’ for the moon, ‘just does not match wildness in my chest, or gentle comfort in my soul, I know that I am yours. To express my heart, any different will have to cheat the emotions, which will actually try to define something undefined. That’s why I only do the things that come near, and those words whispered in the skin of your collarbone, your spinal cord, and the edge of the blade of your shoulder. Not only to hear you, but to feel, to feel

When I say so what do I mean, say i love you ‘Sometimes I am going through my day, and my mind wanders for you, and how small things are magnitude – ordering, sitting on the pier, walking the dog around the block, in traffic Sitting – and if I can explain that the way the worldly takes new meaning, when I am with you, then I will. But there is no easy way to know that I am sharing my life with someone – good, bad, ugly, boring That’s why I only say those three words that they are sufficient.

When I say so what do I mean, say i love you ‘Have I waited so long to speak my desires in life. Before I feel those emotions, before I paste them with my lips that when you reached for my hands in drunkenness, or laughed and your eyes grew long in a moment, or you did not have my forehead without Some kisses kissing – I was already imagining how it would really feel to hold my heart in my hands. There was nothing else in the world, I wanted more than that simple, beautiful thing. And now I have words to catch the feeling that I can do.

When I say, what do I mean, ‘I love you.’ To experience the world with you. To fight fiercely with you. Close my eyes and lean back and whatever comes on this journey together. Learn to live with our monsters and balance them and play well. Voluntarily give all that I am with you, without doubt To choose you, forever.

When I say, what exactly do I mean ‘I love you’

When I say, what exactly do I mean 'I love you'
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When I say ‘I love you’, then it means that I want your heart. That means I value you. And this means that I see the future with you.

When I say ‘I love you’, then it means that I trust my whole soul. It means that you are happy, makes me happy. And this means that I would never want to do anything to hurt you.

Therefore, when I say, ‘I love you’, please do not take it lightly.
For me, the word ‘love’ keeps weight. This means something to me. That means ‘I like you’ or ‘I’m crushing you’. For me, I love you ‘, that means I point my universe in your direction. This means that I recognize how fortunate I am for you. And when I say this to you, please remember that when I say to you love you ‘, then it means that I will always be there.

I do not love lightly I do not love slowly or slowly I love hardness. Some people can say that I love too much. But instead of taking that sentence lightly, I would love to love a lot any day. I will love too much, I will never love

When I say, I love you ‘, then it means that it does not matter, waking up for you will give me an accurate idea of ​​my morning. This means that there is no difference, sleeping next to you is my idea of ​​an ideal night. This means that I want to wake you up every morning and every morning before falling off from heat and later. When I say, ‘I love you’ means that I can see what the future looks like with you. And this means that I need one. just with you.

So, please do not take those three words with a grain of salt. Do not touch me or smile a little smile. Accept my love Feel it. accept. And if you feel that way, then take my heart with you.

When I say, I love you, I mean. I am not telling this to please you only. I’m not saying it romantic. I am not saying this because I think I have to do this, or because I feel that I have to reach a deadline.

‘I love you’ means that I want to spend hours talking to you at midnight. This means that I want to be old with you and even when your wrinkles begin to appear then you are still perfect. This means that even though we are finished, my love has not diminished. My love for you will never end.

So when I say this to you, please trust me. And when you are ready to say it back to me, tell it only when you really mean it. When you believe in me only then say this only.

When I say I love you, ‘what does this really mean to me

When I say I love you, 'what does this really mean to me
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Do you know what I mean when I say that I love you? When I say those three words, eight letters and a sentence? Listen carefully because I am telling you what I really feel and it is one of those beautiful truths that I want you to know from the depth of your heart.

I have never tried to hide how I feel about you and I hope you know this. When I say that I love you, I mean that I care about you, I trust you and I want to share a part of my life and soul with you.

When I say that I love you, this is what I want you to feel.

I love you. And I hope that not a single moment should not be that you do not remember it.

I love you because you are good at heart, because you are so cute and beautiful, because your eyes say everything that I want to know and because you sit in every place in my heart.

I love you because you have never allowed me to fear the words I always want to express. Because you call it back, and oh how I love the sounds of leaving the curve of your lips.

I love to bring you the best in and make my life beautiful and to cheer your heart with joy.

I love you and I hope you know that you do not have to hide your flaws, flaws and fraud. I am going to love all of them anyway. That’s because these are things that make you human.

I love to wake you up with thousands of beautiful words every day – powerful and passionate. And every word you say always has a paradise.

I love you for all thoughtful gestures, for your small acts of kindness and for your passion for loving me. I see all this when I look in your eyes and every time you look at me.

I love you just the way you are. I love everything about you. The way you dumb me nothing when I pretend not to notice. The way you grin up to something and the way I see the kind soul in you.

I love you to give a piece of heaven here on earth and to get comfort in you.
I love you for the first time when you have run your fingers on my skin.

I love you because we are both faulty and imperfect humans and that makes life wonderful to live.

I love you because you become a fantasy, a dream and an illusion but not a reality.

I love you because I am very lucky for you in my life and I want to share a beautiful life with you.

I love you beyond A love that goes deeper than the abyss of the sea. It rises high above the highest mountain and spreads beyond the farthest sea. It’s beyond the border, on the deepest pit of the horizon. It goes up above the blue sky which reaches the burning rays of the golden sun.

And when I say that I love you, then I want to keep you with all the love you keep in your heart. When I say these words, I love you, all of you wholeheartedly. When I say that I love you, I apologize for all the shortcomings and every time I take you, I take you.

You are God’s gift to me and I will never regret any moment of my life because of me.

I love you. There is no rule there. No ifs No, but not No whispering only love. A love that grows, which never hurts, is not difficult and not difficult. A love that exists.

And this means that when I say, ‘I love you’.

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